Monday, May 11, 2009

Individual projection

As we live,as we are, it is a deep hypnosis. Whatesoever we feel, whatsoever we think, is based on hypnotic projections . In some face I see beauty, that beauty doesn't belong to the face,because someone else may not feel it as beautiful at all.It belongs to my projection. When I say some face is beautiful, I am projecting something from me,and the face is just a screen,because someone else may see the face as ugly.

You can project whatsoever you have in your mind, onto anything.That's why philosophers have been trying to define what beauty is,but they have never been able.It cannot be defined, not because it is something indefinable,but because it is an individual projection.

The phenomenon of projection is basic to our minds.We live not in the objective world,but in projected world.Once you being to understand this,the world phenomenon changes. So there is not one world,but there are as many worlds as there are minds. Everyone is living in his own individual world- multi- worlds, multi- universes.

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