Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mind can reason,can think,but it has limitation. So the moment mind encounters the unlimited,the infinite,dificulties arise,because mind itself is a limitetion. Mind has window to look at the sky,but then the window is imposed on the sky,and the sky is cut by the window. Then whatsoever you look at from the window is not the infinite sky,it is windowed sky,a patterned sky. The same thing happens with the mind.

Mind is a window to look at the world,mind is pattern to look through. When you look from the mind,the whole universe is distorted. You give your pattern to the universe.You look at the nuniverse with an attitude, with thought-system,with a reason, with a logic, with a method.

If you really are interested to know the world as it is,to know existence as it is, then throw away this mind totally.

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