Friday, May 8, 2009


The first thing that strikes you when you see ganapatye drawing is that his line meanders but never wavers.This quivering line seems to vibrate with akind of expressionistic restlessness that only a refined draftsman can achieve. Slowly, an amoebic form starts to inhabit the paper. Within the contours of the line,the shifting appearance of the figure manifests itself.The figure classically occupies center stage.

The line continues on its hypnotic journey creating folds of flesh interspersed with layers of the lyrical. the woman is invested with inner strength even in her loneliness.

Ganapatye's endless exploration of his subject has few parallels. The volume of work that he has produced over the years is characteristic of his approach towards the subject of his obsession. He repeats and investigates contnuously.His refined draftsmanship allows his figures to express a sense of ease and appreciation for the quiet interludes of daily life.The form, even when it is pulsates to the rhythms of some inner emotion.The knobby and weighty limbs are nevertheless able to convey gestures that are graceful. And when the form springs into a stride the agile line invests the figure with animal strength.

Naozar Daruwalla

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